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Dear Customers,

Vista Travel & Tour was established in 2008, and I would like to assure with confidence the complete service you expect from us with regard to every aspect of your enjoyable tour of Sri Lanka.We have the necessary potential to help you comprising experienced and well trained personnel who have been in the tourism trade for many years. Hence our whole hearted assurance to you to make your tour of Sri Lanka a memorable and happy experience your satisfaction is our responsibility.

Services provided  for your convenience

* Reservation of hotel accommodation (luxury / semi luxury – five star or standard) in any part of the island.
* Transport  facilities from air port or colombo city to any destination.
* Package tours around the country for groups or individuals.(comfortable vehicles , chauffeur guide/tour guide , hotel rooms and any other facilities, your security is our responsibility)
* Special budget tours to suit your purse to destinations of your choice (inclusive of transport with chauffeur guide /tour guide, hotel rooms and any other facilities)

Colombo city

* Colombo city tours, covering places of religious and special interest, amusement centers, and any other locations of your choice.
* Budget tour of colombo city and the suburbs to suit your desires and pleasures, can be arranged.

Helicopter Tours
* Special heli tours, with all facilities to tourist attractions and places of interest in sri lanka.
* Helicopter tours to any location of your choice can be arranged (your security and protection guaranteed, payments for air travel on hourly basis or according to tour plan).

Rent & sale

* Another special service provided by Vista Travel & Tour is the sale, long and short term lease arrangements and purchase of high value and standard lands / houses / shops / apartments / beach land / beach resorts / hotels in sri lanka.
* We also facilitate buying and selling of registered and unregistered vehicle.
* Rent a car service. We hire and rent vans , cars , jeeps, and motor cycles.

Health & spa

Another special service provided by Vista Travel & Tour is:
* Traditional Sinhalese ayurveda medical treatments.
* This service provides you the traditional sinhanese ayurveda medical treatments and herbal medicine to achieve complete cure for diabetes, paralysis, arthritis, fat reduction, hair loss and various other ailments.
* Prominent specialist ayurvedic doctors and leading medical service centers throughout the island provide this service for you.


You can experience complete physical comforts and mental calmness from the special massage therapy done on all parts of the body using traditional herbal preparations recommended in Sinhalese ayurvedic systems.
* This service provides you the facility to consult the best of ayurvedic medical experts.
* Vista Travel & Tour also provide the services forwarding their customers to salons for their  needs in hair dressing, facials , dressing of brides and bride grooms, tattoos and tattoos reduction, for the convenience and preference of the clients.